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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the love of engineering began for Michael Perrenoud. Okay, so it wasn’t a galaxy far, far away. But, it was a small town in Iowa, amidst the corn fields, cattle, hogs, fairs and small town antics that come along with small and wonderful communities.

Fresh on the heals of achieving Eagle Scout, Michael began his journey into engineering. He wanted to know how these “programs” worked. How did they do what they did? Who told them what to do? How did you tell them what to do?

In 2001 he graduate from Indian Hills Community College with a degree in Computer Programming/Analysis and began what has become an almost two-decade journey through a myriad of industries like accounting, manufacturing, case management, insurance, medical records and more. He was also exposed to a myriad of languages, from dBase FoxPro to C#, JavaScript, TypeScript and more.

Today, Michael is a full-stack engineer with almost 20 years of experience building enterprise applications for startups, small businesses, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. From maintenance, new features to greenfield, Michael has been able to experience it all and looks forward to the future.


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Michael Perrenoud

From his first gig at a company of just two, to working with companies that have software that effect tens of thousands of employees and even millions of customers, Michael has the experience you’re looking for to create quality full-stack software in any industry for any business need.



Associates of Applied Science, Computer Programming/Analysis, 1999